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“How I went from a fitness buff to a serial entrepreneur and top performing tax advisor helping thousands of clients achieve their dream life.”

Before becoming a serial entrepreneur. Before the sold out keynote speeches. Before the top ranked courses, and before saving others over 8 figures in taxes.  I experienced many fumbles in life before becoming the MVP of my industry. ” While chasing financial success, the realization finally occurred to me that the answer was right under my nose the whole time.”

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Kinesiology,

I began my entrepreneurial journey by starting a fitness brand while working a sales job. By day, I was selling wine and at night, I was stacking my personal training experience and building courses in the fitness and health industry; when all was said and done, I was overworked.

The shift into being the powerful serial entrepreneur that I am today was anything but easy.

When I finally caught my big break, it was because I came to realize that my brain was the strongest muscle that I had and that the best way to build wealth for myself was to help others build wealth for themselves!

Joining my mother’s tax and accounting firm, Karla Dennis and Associates Inc.,

gave me the foothold I needed to begin my sprint towards the end zone. By pooling together all the knowledge I gained from my business, my sales training, and tax code knowledge… I helped my family owned business grow to what it is today.

What My Clients Say

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"Karlton has changed the way I see taxes…If you want to reduce your taxes legally, he shows you how to do it. Anyone can do this."

Charlie Chang
Charlie Chang

Entrepreneur, Personal Finance Youtuber

"I would have paid double, immediately, just to speak with Karlton. But once I did speak with him, even if I had paid double, I literally made my money back in twenty minutes."

Hunter Ceroy
Hunter Ceroy

Founder & CEO of ChiroQueens

"I was able to leverage Karlton’s advice to now own twenty rental properties and offset hundreds of thousands of dollars of my income"

Chad Wesley Smith
Chad Wesley Smith

CEO of Juggernaut Training Systems

Learning about tax strategy should be fun and easy… Don’t you think?

With detailed execution plans, actionable insights, and interviews with game changing experts you will be hanging on to every word so get ready to take some notes!

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